• IT Outsorcing

    At present outsourcing has a potential of becoming a strategically important business tool. It ensures flexibility important for adaptation to quickly changing business environment. Moreover, it helps to modify company performance for it to comply perfectly with current situation at the market. This gives a company competitive advantage and guarantees fulfillment of all aims and objectives.

    Outsourcing is effective for big or geographically distributed companies as well as for middle- and small-scale businesses.

    Being an effective modern tool IT outsourcing allows your company to get the following advantages:

    In organization:

    • Optimization of IT processes
    • Standardization of infrastructure
    • Enhancement of employees’ performance efficiency
    • Financial responsibility of the executor

    In operation:

    • Controllability of service level
    • A cut in expenditures on company staff
    • Optimization of expenditures on IT-basis of your business – you pay for what you consume/use.

    All ITBI subdivisions effectively interact with each other and join efforts working out complex solutions. This gives our clients complete cycle of implementation and maintenance of complex projects, including geographically-distributed, at one-stop buy.