• IT-Infrastructure Monitoring

    The main task of monitoring systems is to provide information about IT infrastructure for analysis of business processes that depend on it. Analysis of data collected by the monitoring system allows to take action preventing possible system failures in the operation of services that are essential for business performance. In the case of incident ( loading trigger response/ actuation, failure, contingency) the monitoring system analyses the degree of business processes dependence on the failing IT service and informs respective services. Received information enables maintenance services to fix the problem as effectively and quickly as possible.

    For successful monitoring system installation it is important to define business processes dependence on IT services as exactly as possible. The  inventory (list) of IT services is introduced (protocoled) into the system, triggers (conditions, fulfillment/unfulfillment of which causes registration of  contingency  or potentially dangerous situation) are embedded in supporting services.

    ITBI implements monitoring systems on the basis of ZABBIX solution.

    Zabbix advantages:

    • Distributed (dispersed) monitoring
    • Scalability
    • Escalation and notification
    • Real-time monitoring
    • Predictive monitoring
    • SLA ensuring
    • Notification and analysis.

    Usage of full-fledged monitoring system significantly reduces the downtime of IT services and business processes that depend on them. This improves business performance.